QPPV service offering goes from strength to strength

May 17, 2023by IntuVigilance

IntuVigilance is, without doubt a front runner in the provision of QPPVs and Local Safety persons across the globe.

Our QPPV/LSO network comes ready qualified and trained to support customers with local safety surveillance activities across 6 major territories around the world.

Global country requirements form the basis of everything we do within drug safety and pharmacovigilance. Knowing the legislation in concerned countries, ensuring that you use the most current information and keeping on top of changing legislative requirements is a challenge across the Industry. With a huge wealth of experience and partners to call upon, no country is out of reach for our team of accomplished, qualified professional experts.

For more information on how we can support you in your local territories, please contact [email protected] and speak to one of our experts for a competitive quote on this service offering.